If you’re having a difficult time with your creativity & art, self-expression, purpose, relationships and intimacy see the specific videos below on how 1-on-1 coaching with THE VILLAGE Founder & Chief Julio // HERU. See below also for PRESS and other links to learn more.

The healing journey is often very challenging when we go at it alone. Because trauma happens in relationship, it must be healed in relationship. I offer a free 30-minute video call to get clear on what you’d like to accomplish and an opportunity for you to ask any questions. Typically I charge $100/hr. If you’re interested in moving forward please send me two days and times that work for you for the 30 minute call to my email

For Black/African Identifying Women

For Black/African Identifying Men

For Black/African Identifying Couples

About Julio // HERU

HERU is most widely known for creating the app Liberate that introduced tens of thousands of Black/African people all over the world to culturally-relevant ways of meditating. He was thrusted into the spotlight after George Floyd transitioned and our community was experiencing an intense wave of grief. With all that pressure of leadership, he experienced a heavy wave of depression and a lot of childhood trauma wounds appeared (specifically sexual abuse). He spent a lot of time in therapy with a Black women (3 years meeting two times a week) as well as attending intensive trauma-informed healing retreats, such as Onsite. He participated in emotional leadership training through EVRYMAN and Sacred Sons and also participated as a retreat facilitator. What he’s learned is that there will be always be grief to experience and while it is important to experience that grief, it’s more important to center PLAY in our healing work. He’s also passionate about healing the wounds between Black men and women to restore the village. The children of the world need healthier expressions of what being an adult looks like and that begins with healing our own relationships to our inner children. With that we can reconnect to our faith, our sense of wonder and curiosity, and our purpose in this lifetime.


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